Fashion stories: European Fashion Brands

By Sophie Tarif | Fashion Stories | 02/20/2018

If you have been following the European fashion stories series, you might already know that Fashiola started off it’s life in The Netherlands and has many sister sites across Europe and the rest of the world - we’re up to 25 now! Because of this it means this it means the US editors have a lot of insight into what is popular across the pond and it is only fair to share it with our readers. This month we are focusing on popular European fashion brands - so here we go!

Fashion stories: European Fashion Brands

Fashion inspirations

There are certain places in the world which generates a real buzz around the fashion industry. Obviously there are fashion weeks in all the major cities such as NYC, London, Milan and also Mumbai and Tokyo. There are distinctive styles from each of these countries and popular trends (or obsessions) such as flared pants in Amsterdam and grey scale in Scandinavian looks. When it comes to European fashion brands there are some iconic locations and that's where we will be going to explore.

European fashion brands

Quick history: French fashion designers

It only seems fair to begin this Euro-trip with a city which is considered the capital of fashion and romance in the world: Paris. Over three centuries ago the French were the first country to make an industry out of fashion as ‘dressmakers.’ This has of course been challenged over the years as the role of dressmaker developed into a designer (ooo) and as Europe went through some pretty turbulent times, eyes began to drift away from the French capital. However in 1925 Paris’ fashion was revolutionised by Coco Chanel and this kick started a number of iconic French fashion designers to open up fashion houses.

But which of these French fashion designers are still big in 2018? A personal favorite of mine right now is Balmain. Olivier Rousteing, the man behind Balmain, is the youngest Creative Director in Paris as he took on the position at only 25 years old! I recently learnt more about Olivier Rousteing and other talented black designers for Black History Month. Balmain has taken classic pieces and given them a fun and edgy look with deconstructed clothing and patterns - if you're looking for a luxury European fashion brand it is a great choice!

I spoke to French editor Lena about which European brand was a favorite of hers. Lena decided that her favorite brand at the moment is actually one from Sweden: & Other Stories. The brand features a collection of updated timeless classics bringing together influences from Sweden, Paris and the West Coast. The global approach to designing clothes combined with their inclusive campaigns featuring transgender women and ladies over 70 yo has made them an incredibly popular European fashion brand. 

Our editor's favorite Italian fashion brands

Italy, another of those dreamy fashion-romantic countries, and rightly so. Our Italian Fashion editor has chosen one of the most iconic Italian fashion brands as her favorite: Prada. Teresa based her decision on her favorite thing to shop for - bags & shoes - so alongside Prada she also believes Miumiu is a great choice! Miumiu is a younger and more spontaneous brand part of the Prada family. The two brands have a heritage of working with well crafted leather accessories and a range of ready-to-wear European clothing for men and women.

One of the Italian fashion brands which is currently taking Europe by storm is Fila. Well, it is technically owned by a South Korean company now but it operated out of Italy for almost 100 years. Why the buzz you ask? The 2000's is making a comeback in European clothing for men and women, Fila is a nostalgic brand which is able to capitalise on the revival of throwback trends. The Fila sneakers are what started the brands success however it’s sweaters and dresses which all the trendsetters are wearing today.

These are some of popular European fashion brands on the continent at the moment and a big thanks to our editors for getting involved. Unfortunately there isn't a huge number of brands featuring European clothing for men right now but keep an eye out for it in future series!

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