European Fashion Stories: Our Editors Favorite Colors of the Summer

By Sophie Tarif | Fashion Stories | 09/06/2018

As you’re sat scrolling on your commute somewhere in the United States you might be surprised to learn that Fashiola HQ is actually based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For those of you who were well of aware of our brands history bear with us as we catch our newest readers up!

Fashiola’s story started in a teeny tiny town in the East in the Netherlands back in 2012 and since then we’ve outgrown our little home and country; Fashiola is now live in 24 markets across the globe. So, part of the team moved to Amsterdam; and the others? Well they’re based in sunny Spain! Perhaps that explains why I have a soft spot for European fashion brands but our team of editors dotted around the world have a wealth of knowledge and its only fair to share it with you.

Back in January the fashion world cast their predictions for what the most popular color trends of 2018 were going to be. Pantone name their color of 2018 Ultra Violet however internet critics believed that millennium pink would be outshone by Gen Z Yellow. But where are we now?

There are plenty disciplines of creativity where Ultra Violet might have won the hearts of designers, however it doesn’t appear that fashion is one of them. You often catch a glimpse of lavender tones on one of Fashiola’s pages of thousands of products but by no means is Ultra Violet is color of the year. Yellow on the other hand is everywhere you look – and obviously yellow lends itself fabulously to the summer – so it’s hardly surprising. But that’s our thoughts from the States, what do our European editors think?

Fashiola Spain

Madrid Madness

When the Spanish team arrived at work one morning all wearing the same shade of blue/mint green they couldn’t believe it was all a coincidence. Had this trend slipped under the radar? Perhaps, but it appears that this shade of turquoise (anyone have any ideas what this one is actually called?) might be the color of summer 2018! This tone of blue is refreshing and when worn with some bright white sneakers or crisp white men’s jeans it’s sure to bring all the right summer vibes. Personally, I like to see the turquoise/blue in combination with floral prints (shock: floral prints are popular in summer).

And what do our other editors have to say? Well Teresa had already started to talk me about how light blue was a popular choice with the users on Fashiola Italy. Teresa’s favorite ways to wear the color trend is to inject a summery pastel into your summer work wardrobeI actually think a light blue is one of the most difficult of the pastel trends to wear, what are your thoughts?

Summer = Baby blue

What does this mean for winter?

Whilst we’re living in the height of summer we’ve turned the saturation up on colors to match the popular 80’s influences on 2018 however once the weather turns and Fall arrives our favorite colors are going to deepen. The bright and bold are going to dim as radiant lemon turns to a geo-thermal yellow, pastel blue morphs to a deep sapphire and dragon fruit red and autumnal greens and browns grow in popularity and it's time to explore a new collection of prints for Fall.

What do you think? Have you noticed that mint green and light blue have been the most popular pastel trends for summer 2018 or has your heart been set on lavendar since Pantone dropped the news. It surprises me everytime I visit one of Fashiola's sites to see what trends are popular abroad and which are world-wide. If you want to see more about the trends from all around the world follow @fashiola_ on Insta!

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