Celebrating International Women's Day 2019: Meet the team

By Sophie Tarif | Fashion Stories | Ads Disclosure | 06/18/2019
Celebrating International Women's Day 2019

Meet the team

There's a lot you can say about International Women's Day but this year I'd like to take the opportunity to celebrate some of the wonderful women which I am so lucky to work with. We won't use today as a promotional opportunity but instead to show you the strong, intelligent women behind the screens at Fashiola HQ. 

Did you know?

Fashiola is now live across 24 different countries and for each of these markets we do our best to have a team filled with people from that country, familiar with their language and culture. Working in an environment predominately lead by women with an emphasis on embracing a local approach is a special feeling and to have a mixture of culture and languages from literally across the globe is very exciting - especially when your colleagues bring yummy treats for you.

Celebrating International Women's Day 2019, Meet The Team!
Celebrating International Women's Day 2019, Meet The Team!

From Fashiola HQ in Amsterdam to our sister offices in Madrid - our team is spread across the world.

Primarily our team is dedicated to sharing the latest fashion trends with you - you can find out more about some of our editors, Lena and Ecem, who are the focus for this month - but we also have our own specialisms where we can support one-another across the business. From working closely with our partners to graphic designers to COO, our team is filled with a range of highly-skilled women, which I'm thankful for as a source of inspiration. 

And along with focusing on delivering the latest trends to our readers, we also like to try out little experiments. This year, the Fashiola team created their own clothes swap and we have been through the 10x10 challenge. We also do our best to share our own insider tips, for example, Lene from Fashiola Norway has shared her advice on what to wear after you've had a baby.

Celebrating International Women's Day 2019

The team at Fashiola is a hardworking group, filled with fabulous women who are supported to be as creative as we'd like! If you'd like to see more about our special team, you can click through to Fashion Stories filter on our blogs and make sure you're following our Instagram and other social media!

We hope everyone is enjoying celebrating the women+ in their lives and a big thanks to our readers!
But enough from me.

This one's for the girls, cheers ladies!

Love SophieSophie Tarif

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