Opinion: What we learned from a capsule closet

By Sophie Tarif | Fashion Stories | Ads Disclosure | 03/01/2019

The Challenge: 10 pieces of fashion for 10 days.

But what did a group of editors at Fashiola learn about going through this process?

Opinion: What we learned from a capsule closet

Dig deep into your wardrobe (or your parents)

Filipa, our Portuguese editor, believes she’s found new ways to wear ‘forgotten’ parts of her wardrobe. We already own an endless number of outfit choices, why shouldn't we try out new combinations?

Filipa started the week exclaiming that she couldn't believe she had (forgotten about the challenge starting that day) and worn dungarees she thought she had grown out of. Today? 'I realized I don't wear my dungarees enough. I always loved dungarees but they were never a go-to choice over pants. Next season, I'm going to wear my overalls more outfit - and with my cowboy boots!'

Could you use the 'safety' of a challenge like this to rediscover old pieces and reinvent new looks?

Quality before quantity

For Misha, who is a self-confessed shopaholic, learned that rather than investing in a lot, you should invest a lot in your quality. If possible, spend a little extra on your new boots or jackets so that they will last longer. And if you love to buy new things, maybe think more about the quality and materials you're investing in, how easily can your t-shirt be recycled for example?

Dodge discounts

Everyone loves a bargain but you don't have to be tempted by every discount code you see because it seems ultra cheap! Although saying that, if you've had your heart set on something new and looking for the best price - a fashion search engine isn't a bad place to start your search.

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Opinion: What we learnt from a capsule closet

Smarter shopping

If you love a new trend, like cord, do you need to own a pair of dungarees and a skirt? Or could you create your own versions of both by being creative and layering them with your go-to choices?

This challenge didn't teach us to stop consuming completely, it taught us to get smart about the way we did it.

Plan ahead

I’ve harped on about my internal-struggle with packing and planning ahead but what I’ve learned over the last week and a half is that it doesn’t hurt to be organized. You don’t need to own heaps of stuff if you do a little forward planning.

This wasn't a regular week for me either: I had to travel for work, attended a conference (helped to avoid outfit repeating at work) and went to a festival demonstrating that a small collection of clothes can take you a long way - turning the dungarees into a skirt for an all-black ensemble.

Having so few pieces of clothes to choose from requires you to be on top of your laundry - this is also what I learned.

Opinion: What we learnt from a capsule closet

Be true to your style

Filipa believes that style is more about knowing yourself than the latest trends! Since being 'forced' to revisit her closet with fresh eyes it pushed her to think about her own style more. Even if you quickly think about what 10 pieces you would take if you were stranded on a desert island, the pieces you truly love quickly come to light!

If you spot a trend which gets you excited, are you sure it makes sense in your wardrobe? If not, maybe you can save up for your next fashion-treat!

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Opinion: What we learnt from a capsule closet

Challenge yourself

Take a critical look at your wardrobe, do you think you could easily go through the next 10 days only wearing 10 pieces? There's loads of inspiration available for the best way to experiment with this challenge - and if you think it seems pretty easy, why not challenge yourself to 30 pieces for 30 days? Although I probably won't try that one here...

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