Will this be your 'Living Color' of 2019?

By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 07/12/2018 11:41
Årets viktigaste färg 2019

When it comes to color, who better to trust then the experts themselves? Pantone. For 2018, Pantone's color of the year was named Ultra Violet and although it took a little longer than Gen Z Yellow to pick up steam, the trend has definitely made its mark on Fashion.

So, what’s Pantone's color of 2019?

Årets vigtigste farve korral

2019 = Living Coral

Living Coral is supposed to reflect the positive energy moving forward in 2019, a color that will bring ‘nourishment, comfort and familiarity that makes us feel good.’

To explain, Living Coral is less in your face than last year’s Ultra Violet but still bright and engaging. Living Coral is described as having a saturated orange base with a golden undertone - and supposedly the response to a year without millennial pink.  And in the real world, living coral is described as being nearly non-existent but perhaps a conversation for a different day...

Although I’m not convinced I 100% buy into how color can reflect humanizing qualities I am very excited about the color of 2019: Living Coral (well, coral) is my favorite color! You will usually spot me with some living coral accessories, a notebook or water bottle of sorts but aside from the adidas Trefoil collection, it's not as easy to find fashion in quite the same hue (cue: Acne and their range of colorful fashion). But thankfully now I have every excuse to feature "the color of 2019" in blogs and trends (you have been warned). I'm especially looking forward to discovering the range of coral colored summer clothes.

Although Pantone has named Living Coral their color of 2019, we should also consider the bigger picture. What other color-palettes have Pantone recently released?

Metallic Shimmers

With an impressive 200 hues, this palette has been inspired by our generation's fascination with technology and so the color experts created a collection specifically for electronics and all things shiny. Funnily enough, this is a trend which fashion has had a grasp on for some time now as metallic shoes have featured in #ootd from influencers worldwide. What's cool is the extensive range of colors available, metallics are no longer just gold/silver but gives a shiny touch to navy, brown, pinks and more. Be sure that the metallic trend will continue into futuristic fashion - check out the blog to understand what we mean.

Pantone’s Predictions for Spring/Summer 2019

Every season, Pantone’s teams come together to take a closer look at what color trends are popular in fashion shows - what were their thoughts for SS19? When the Spring comes back around we’re looking at around 12 stand out colors, reflecting our desires to be bold as we face the future. Check out Pantone’s full report here.

Personally, I think that once the sun returns Pepper Stem and sickly-smoothie green will be the color of the summer. Intertwined in intricate patterns, keep an eye out for this refreshing green color featured in fashion.

What do you think, do you follow the predictions for color trends? Did we call it right for 2018? Let us know your thoughts!

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