What's going to be your color of 2018?

By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 29/01/2018 21:39

This year was a weird one…  you couldn’t shop, browse, watch or even eat without a glimmer of millennial pink. Everywhere you turned, the sickly shade of pink was there, as a symbol for femininity, power, irony, and consumerism in 2017.

If you’re wondering what fad could have started such a typically millennial craze, what started the fascination with a color, was it a youtube-r or an instagram filter? Nope, our trusty color experts Pantone named rose quartz as their color of 2015 and started the ball rolling; it then picked up speed and Pantone revisited pink for Spring 2017 (Pale Dogwood doesn’t quite have the same ring as Millennial pink though) - and here we are; eating in pink restaurants.

What's going to be your color of 2018?

What’s going to be your color of 2018?

But that was last year, what have Pantone got to say about the color of 2018?

Ultra Violet - Pantone’s color of 2018

After some analysis of in-depth research, the color experts have recently announced that their color of 2018 is Ultra Violet. Now, considering this is all based on current media, entertainment industry, fashion, news and culture, ultra violet might seem an odd choice - but Pantone want to use their color of 2018 to create proactive and positive change in culture, Ultra Violet is representative of creativity and wellness. So, will you be championing ultra violet as a symbolism of positivity and optimism?

Are Pantone actually the color authority, or should we look back at the younger generation to determine what color of 2018 is going to be popular?

Introducing: Gen Z Yellow

For those of you feeling lost without millennial pink, Gen Z Yellow could be the answer to the end of bubblegum pink. Bright, bold and a youthful aesthetic, Gen Z Yellow  is an exciting contrast to the last year. And considering stars such as Rihanna made the bold decision to launch the Fenty Beauty in a banana-yellow dress, I can only imagine Gen Z Yellow will definitely filling up your social media soon.

What's going to be your color of 2018?

So, do you think you’ll pick your color of 2018 based on its underlying meaning?  Because you’re super excited as it was your favorite color anyway, or because you’ll be so tempted after seeing in every shop window?

Either way, Ultra Violet and Yellow have featured in Spring 2018 fashion collections, so both are down to be a hit color of 2018.


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