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By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 30/01/2020 14:14
The best Puffer Coats

From the slopes to the streets, the puffer jacket has become a modern outerwear staple. But don’t be fooled, finding the perfect puffy Dreamcoat may be a little harder than you thought. Want in on this winter’s coziest trend? From oversized to performance-driven to printed puffs, you’ll have to scroll through uncountable coats to find one that ticks all your boxes. Yes, you can be picky about your puffer coat and I’m here to help you find the perfect one. 


1. High-Tech Puffer jackets

Before the Puffer Jacket received icon status in the 90s with extra volume, funky colorways, and shiny fabrics; it was purely designed to keep you warm in extreme weather conditions. Brands like Moncler picked up on the quilted down jacket and took over the French Alps with a luxury version. Nowadays, brands like Woolrich, The North Face and Patagonia offer years of research in innovation, technical fabrics and experience in dressing mountain-goers, all wrapped up in stylish coats. So if you’re looking for serious warmth, whether you’re hitting the slopes or the streets, these are the coats for you.


2. Luxury

Yes, this 90s ski lodge style of the coat can be seriously luxurious. Although brands like The Northface and Moncler also come with a price tag, there are a few designers who have put their own spin on the coat and the result is a fabulous blend of practicality and style. We’re talking Aspesi here, Burberry and all that luxury Jazz.


3. Printed Puffer Jacket 

If you're thinking about getting a puffer jacket, I hate to break it to you, but you're not the only one and so you might want to think about standing out. The puffer jacket got pulled into today’s streetwear scene with a resurrection of 90s trends, and that Drake video clip with the Moncler jacket didn’t hurt either… With its popularity came a stream of puffer jackets from edgy streetwear brands to Scandi brands and high-end designers. In addition to the classic down jackets we had become accustomed to, stand-out styles emerged. Checkered prints, cute florals, metallic finishes, leopard prints, big and bold colors - the quilted fabric and oversized style became a blank canvas for brands to leave their mark on.  

4. Under $200

If $1,200 sounds more like rent money than a new coat, don’t worry there are plenty more affordable puffer jackets out there. I selected a few of the best ones here on Fashiola (yep, we truly do have it all). Topshop or Booho Puffer Jackets offer stylish simplicity while American Eagle gives it a youthful touch.


5. Long Puffer Jackets 

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to walk around in a sleeping bag without people staring, then this is it. Emerge yourself in some serious comfort with the type of down jackets that end at your knees. I have to be honest, there’s no real way to have this coat looking flattering so this really shouldn’t be your aim. But it will keep you warm, and not just your top half but those often-forgotten legs as well. Find one that’s worth the waddle with a stylish and sleek design, in my opinion, you can avoid the fur or faux-fur trimmed hoodies as it takes away a bit of the nonchalance we love from puffer jackets.


There you go, that's our edit of the best Puffer Jackets we can find right now, but if you feel like scrolling through more comfy clouds of puff check out our Puffer Jackets category for more! If you're on the fence about the whole puffy duvet look, check out our edit of Trendy Women's Coats for more styles. 

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