Your search is over: All the most stylish ankle boots right now

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 11/11/19, 8:29 AM
Your search is over: All the best ankle boots right now

Every year boot season arrives and a little panic emerges; “But I don’t have a go-to pair of stylish ankle boots yet!” How must I go on? What could I possibly pair my favorite jeans with? Don’t worry, there’s nothing your fashion finder can’t find, and I’ve helped out a little more by selecting all the best ankle boots on Fashiola per style of ankle boots. If you thought your selection was limited to a classic Chelsea Boot, then let me introduce you to a few of the plethora of styles out there. These boots were made for shopping, and that’s just what we’ll do... 

Croc Effect Boots 

Croc-effect Boots turns any classic footwear into an expensive-looking and subtly exotic staple. Croc-embossed leathers have been a real hit at this year’s Fashion Week Streetstyle and not just because they are on-trend. Find yourself a pair of croc boots (not to be mistaken with crocs) and you’ll soon find out how versatile the style is, the embossed leather offers a timeless sophistication as well as serving as this season's trendy must-have.


Chic Chelsea Boots 

Your footwear collection is simply not complete without a pair of classic Chelsea Boots. The sleek, streamlined style can be dressed up or down and will serve as your slip-on shoe favorite. As they are the type of boots that just don’t go out of style, I’d say to invest in a pair crafted from quality leather, with a low comfy heel and minimal details. 


Lace-up Boots 

If I’d had to pick an ankle boot style that stands out the most this season, it would have to be the dainty lace-up boots. These aren’t your typical Dr.Martens style lace-ups, they are much more delicate with a Victorian-inspired lace-up detail at the front. Some of them may look a little awkward with oddly-shaped kitten heels but rest assured they will look just the right amount of edgy teamed with flared jeans and midi to long skirts.


Hiking Boots 

Waterproof, sturdy, utilitarian - not exactly what we have in mind when we think of stylish ankle boots. But the Hiking boot has been reworked into a sophisticated staple that will get you through all those muddy, snowy and rainy days. Dr.Martens has this ankle-length boot down but don’t forget to have a look at all the other hiking boots out there. Some come with fun colored lace, others are bolder with fresh designs and you’ll even find pairs with chunky heels to add a little more “fashion”.


Cowboy Boots 

All-American cowboy boots turn into chic ankle grazers this season for a little less tumbleweed and a little more trendy. Find a pair with croc-embossed leather to double up on trends, a pair embellished with quirky western details or gain a little extra height with chunky heels. I’m loving the elegant, pointy and heeled cowboy boots with minimal details in smooth black leather - just as versatile as a classic Chelsea Boot, but just with a little more edge.


Stylish Ankle boots come in all shapes and sizes, lucky for you there's plenty for you to find here on Fashiola. Check out our Ankle Boots section and scroll for more! 

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    Chelsea Boots from Woodland look impeccable too