Go Beige or Go Home: 6 ways to wear a beige outfit

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 10/21/19, 11:30 AM
how to wear beige

Smooth like butter, swirls of cream, biscuit crunch and a drop of champagne, no I’m not naming the things I’m craving right now - I’m talking about this season’s beige outfit hype. The fashion week street style looks have made us hungry for beige-on-beige outfits, a look that breathes luxury from head to toe. But this type of luxury isn't far from your reach, creating a neutral palette can easily be fixed with a few tricks up your sleeve. Now all you have to do is worry about not getting a stain anywhere on your outfit… Good luck with that! But first, let’s see how to get this ultra-chic look together.

What Is Tonal Dressing? 

A tonal look is very simply, a look that uses different shades of the same colour to put together an outfit. That means everything, from your shirt to your shoes should be in the same colour, if you think that sounds a bit boring, you are very, very wrong. Mixing and matching is bold, but going for a full-on one colour look is a real show stopper when done right. The easy way into this look is to go put on your favourite shades of black, but going for a colour like red or blue is the real show stopper. This season, it’s not about the bright and stand out colours but a softer creamier palette. Keep reading to find out how to wear a beige outfit. 

How To Wear Beige?

1. Mix Shades of Beige 

The main trick to tonal dressing is to vary with shades of the same colour and so the same goes for beige. Matching a blouse and wide-leg pants in the same shade look very classic, but adding a darker beige blazer or boots to it will make it feel a little less like a blank canvas and more dynamic. Blush, Wheat, Sandy, champagne, ivory, light gold, tan, toast, mocha, mahogany - there are too many shades of beige to name, so if you’re thinking ‘beige is beige’ then you are mistaken.

how to wear beige

2. The Coat is Key

For any Jennifer Lopez fans, you may remember THAT look from Maid in Manhattan. It looked expensive, like really expensive - it looked perfect together and pristine, like dirt, would never even dare to touch her. I was in awe. So when writing this blog, that’s the first thing I thought of - how a full off-white, creamy look is the chicest winter look. 

A toasty winter wardrobe isn’t complete without a classic camel or off-white coat, so when you’re putting together your beige outfit this season start from that coat. Lopez’s coat would not have looked as undeniably stylish without that light as a feather beige turtleneck and stylish ivory Dolce & Gabbana pants. Follow her footsteps (maybe a more affordable pair of pants), find a pair of beige heels or ankle boots and you’re off to feel like a million bucks.

3. Find A Chic Pantsuit 

Instead of looking to add colour to your workwear to stand out, beige will have the same effect and look much, much more classy. This fresh update to the business suit is perfect for summer with a chic linen suit, but when winter comes around a cotton/wool blend suit in beige will be your new office look go-to. Team it with a pair of stylish stilettos or pared-back white sneakers - we’re loving Veja and Common Project for professional-looking casual shoes. Wear an offwhite white or darker shade of mocha shirt under the suit or bring it all together by belting the blazer with a light brownish belt.

4. Add a touch of gold 

Luxury is at your fingertips just by adding a hint of gold to your beige outfit. Simple gold jewelry stays true to the subtle glamour of a full beige outfit. To bring J-Lo Up again, her look featured a pair of thick gold hoops, with her hair back in a bun it looked effortlessly elegant. Go for a pair of hoops, delicate necklaces or a set of rings to finish off this tonal look with a touch of bling.

5. Don’t cheat with Accessories

To really make this look stand out, don’t give up on putting it together when you’ve reached the accessories part of styling your outfit. A beige bag, belt, a pair of shoes and a hat is a fool-proof way to really let this look reach its full stylish potential. Luxuriate in off-white and beige cashmere beanies, scarves and gloves, stylish self-care for when it’s freezing outside. Just think of your gorgeous camel coat - a black or deep burgundy beanie will strip away all that chic glory it offers. For summer light brown sandals will really pull this look together and the same goes for on-trend mini bags or more convenient off-white totes.

how to wear beige

6. Cheat a little with Accessories 


Let’s say you’ve bought the perfect beige dress with big puffy sleeves and an abundance of butter-shade comfort, you’ve found a pair of camel-colored flats and bought a pearly headband - but you just don’t have a bag in beige to match it and don’t like any on offer right now. Don’t panic. For every rule, there are a few rule-breakers and we’ll just have to place you in that category. But just don’t throw everything I just said out the door. The magic of this trend and look is that is the soft pallete oozes luxury without really making too much of an effort. So stick to the subdued lightness, but there’s no harm in accessorizing with the softest shades of other colors. 



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