Confessions of a jeanaholic: how to find the right jeans online

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 10/30/19, 10:53 AM
Hur hittar man rätt jeans online

 Some women have a weakness for shoes, others for bags, for me it’s jeans - so I know a thing or two about how to find the right jeans online. To my own great embarrassment (will add that to the list) I just counted that I have 36 pairs of jeans. Of course, not every single one of these is perfect, but I have phases with certain rotations of 5-6 jeans which switches up quite often. I’ve also worked at two different denim companies, so that partially explains the large amount. In any case, I’m obsessed. But tell me, what's not to love? Well for one, the shopping process of jeans has put many of us off on the whole thing. 

Let’s paint the picture; you’re in the city on a shopping trip looking for a new pair of jeans and before you know it,  you’re crying in a dressing room next to a pile of twenty tried-on jeans. Or you’re ordering a new pair that looked so, so so good on the model on the website and as soon as you try it on at home you can’t get it above your thighs. It’s easy sometimes to say “This is it, I’m never buying jeans again,” and wear the same old saggy or ripped up pair. But what a shame it is that we all haven’t found our denim mojo. You might not need as many jeans as I have but you should have at least have one you feel Amazing in. So here I am, your jeanaholic giving you some tried and tested tips to finding the perfect jeans online.

How to find the right jeans Online

Start With The right Brands

The trick of all the tricks is to start with the right brands. Heritage brands like Levi’s are a great place to start, they have the know-how to craft a perfect pair, I mean in Levi’s case they literally invented it. But you don’t have to stop there, for well-crafted and simple fits there are brands like Madewell I absolutely love and for more stylish denim silhouettes MiH jeans are acing it every time. Whatever brand you choose, I’d say to make sure it’s a brand dedicated to denim, that dedication makes all the difference. Of course, all these brands also sell other clothing items but their story sprung from the humble blue fabric. 

Heritage Brands for the classics 

Modern Brands for simple fits

Stylish Brands for on-trend styles 

Chill out and give yourself some time


Keep. On. Breathing. Don’t expect to find the perfect jeans in one go or that it will go as fast as walking into the supermarket and finding your favorite almond milk. This is not the type of grab-and-go shopping, you need time to explore, find your favorite brand and try out some new things. 

Put the kettle on, make some soothing ginger tea, wrap yourself in a blanket and do a few breathing exercises. Now you’re ready to go, grab your laptop place it on your lap and ease into looking at all there is to offer. On Fashiola you’ll find a great variety of jeans and brands, making it super easy to search and compare.


Hur hittar man rätt jeans online

Get outside your comfort zone 

How to find the right jeans online? Get out of your comfort zone. I’ve worked in a denim store for about three years and the number of times people were just too stubborn to try out different styles I’d advise them is just unbearable. Some of us think that flared jeans only belong to the 70s, wide or baggy jeans are unflattering, skinny jeans are too tight and uncomfortable and mom jeans are just for soccer moms.

Throw all your presumptions out the window and be open to try new things. It’s one thing to stick to something you know suits and you’ll wear a lot but it’s another to stick to something because you’re simply afraid or lazy to try anything else. I could tell you heaps about what jeans suit what body type and will do soon with a new blog, but don't get too caught up in all the rules! I'm short and what would be considered pear-shaped so most would say to avoid baggy men's jeans, but that's practically all I wear... So really, it's all about trying things out and seeing what you like best!

Get inspired

It’s quite likely you just don’t really know where to start when it comes to finding the right jeans online but don’t panic, there’s always Pinterest. Look up classic denim icons like Jane Birkin, Kate Moss and Farah Fawcett and make a little mood board for yourself to find a classic and timeless style to copy. My personal fallback inspiration and that of many others would have to be Rachel and Monica in 90s Friends episodes. But you don’t have to go back in time, check out the latest It girls and save some images of jeans you think really cool. I’m really loving Jeanne Damas’ straight, mom jeans looks lately and as always Alexa Chung is the goddess of all casual yet quirky and cool denim looks. Find out what kind of model they’re wearing and maybe even from which brand and try it for yourself.


Hur hittar man rätt jeans online

Look for the Perfect rise

Yes, what happens in the legs of the jeans is important, for your style, comfort and how flattering it is for your body shape. But don’t underestimate the rise of the jeans, aka where the jeans sit on the waist. 

  • Low Rise

A low rise can really accentuate curvy hips and no that’s not a bad thing, that’s actually a lovely, sexy thing! It’s often seen as a more comfortable rise as high rise pinches can pinch at the waist - if I’m honest that just means you're buying your jeans wrong. My fear with low-rise jeans is that my underwear will pop out and let’s be honest, often it will… So for comfort, I’d say opt for a pair that is a tiny bit higher on the waist and go for a mid-rise. 

  • Mid Rise

A mid-rise is a pretty safe bet when you’re looking for a timeless and comfy pair of jeans that suit your body type. It can add a little bit of structure to your waist and will go with most type of tops. A mid Rise is perfect for when you’re looking for a classic and versatile pair of skinny or slim jeans.

  • High Rise 

High Rise jeans should sit around the belly button, so yeah, that’s pretty high. They’re seen as a trendy fit but besides that sought-after retro feel, they can also be very flattering in both skinny fits and baggy or wide. It’s great for short people as it will elongate the legs and will accentuate hourglass shapes and actually, any behind, exceedingly well.


Hopefully, this guide helps you a little when you're trying to figure out how to find the right jeans online. I've selected some of the best jeans on Fashiola right now, but have a look at this edit I made for even more! 

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