Here's how to make 80's fashion trends acceptable in 2018

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The 80’s was an eclectic era for fashion with a real mixture of styles and influences from pretty pink to punk; it isn’t surprising that we’re seeing a re-emergence of these styles in 2018. You have probably started to notice the obvious tell-tell signs of the period: the stand-out shoulder pads, neon palettes, acid-wash denim and oversized jewelry.

80's fashion trends

The 80’s style is definitely a bold one which is why the runway looks encapsulate their audiences. The trend was initially kicked off at the NY fashion week where Tom Ford delivered a mixtape of 80’s clothes for women which have been inspired by wild colors and prints. Since then like of Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Moschino and more have added to the resurrection of the 80’s fashion trends. 

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It’s all well and good seeing that luxury designers have re-worked 80’s styles into their catwalk shows and celebrities have fantastic events to attend where you can wear exagerated shoulder pads but how are we supposed to wear this on a day-to-day basis?

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80's fashion trends appears to be all about statement pieces; the balloon sleeve tops, technicolor animal print and iridescent materials are not that easy to work into your wardrobe together. However, the sensationalist styles have since been reinterpreted for street style. It’s a tricky look to pull off but if you have the eye for how to make some of the 80's clothes for women work for you then you’ll be turning heads as you walk down the street. 

80's fashion trends

There are some obvious signs of the period which we're all used to seeing

  • Shoulder pads (or structured shoulders) have made a reappearance in dresses, blazers and structured tops
  • Loose fitting mom jeans
  • Fanny packs
  • Puffed out sleeves: search for balloon sleeves to find a jumper, top or dress with this 80's touch.
  • Over-the-top accessories.

Obviously neon was a huge part of the 80's color palette, but what else?

  • Metallics were a big part of the movement, see if you can work a shiney top or metallic shoes in your wardrobe?
  • Sickly pastels. You know the ones which you see in gleeful pop videos. Combine a pastel with a slouchy jumper or a pleated skirt. 
  • Acid wash denim is starting to creep back into the denim trends.
  • Animal prints were popular in the 80s and ranged from a basic leopard prints to being injected full of color
  • Strangely, white shoes were popular. Be it chunky Reebok sneakers or little kitten heels.

How do you wear the trend?

  • The 80's had a full range of denim jackets; you choose whether you want to wear it cropped, super oversized or with some graphic detailing.
  • Pegged jeans: roll up the bottom of your jeans and remember to show of your white socks.
  • Add a flare of 80's to  your outfit by embracing the love for quirky materials. Tulle detailing, rouched dresses or tops? Or perhaps all-out sparks with sequins?
  • Mini skirts started back in the 80s, with a pair of sneakers, a velvet mini skirt is a classic look from the time.
  • Blazers - you've got to wear them oversized and push up the sleeves.
Here's how to make 80's fashion trends acceptable in 2018

It is possible to make the 80's style look like a casual outfit. We have 80's influences to thank for bringing the blazer back into streetsyle. The trend of wearing an oversized blazer with a pair of jeans infact started decades ago and has since been injected with some modern style.

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The eighties was about wearing oversized clothing but creating a silhouette at your waist. So if you treat yourself to a pair of balloon leg pants or loose fitting mom jeans make sure you combine it with a chunky waist belt.

Similarly the mini skirt began its journey to popularity during the Eighties. Pairing a mini skirt with a one-shoulder top will make you feel very 80's pop-girl but bearing one of your shoulders is definitely a statement style from the period. Thankfully retro sneakres are popular in 2018 so if you can't get your hands on an original pair of Reebok sneakers then you'll definitely find some which look close enough!

Truthfully, 80’s fashion has snuck its way into the modern day by simply disguising itself as something different. Today, we don’t talk about fanny packs or shoulder pads but instead the belt bag and structured shoulders. But what has changed?

Has the thought of being able to dress like some of the biggest inspirations in pop excited you? 80's fashion trends are on route to be one of the biggest influences over fashion this year, we've already seen the introduction of wid patterns and creative materials, I'm looking forward to see what's coming next. If you're looking for ways to shop the trend, we've made a collection of all the 80's clothes for women available online - shop it now on Fashiola!

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