How to get on board with Futuristic Fashion Trends

By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 09/09/2019 17:00
FUTURISTIC FASHION: How do you get onboard with the latest out of this world fashion trend?

My experience with fashion trends has felt like we’ve all been taken on a wild rollercoaster, that includes futuristic fashion trends. Over the last year, fashion designers have taken inspiration from every corner of the world; from nature’s rawness, animal instincts, throwback trends and the latest? Totally out of this world.

To round up 2018 we’re on a journey to discover the futuristic fashion trend where every-day pieces have been injected with glossy fabrics, star-studded detailing and extra-terrestrial prints. As millennials look towards futuristic clothing they recognize that there is no longer place for gender in fashion, so everyone take note, scroll to find out how you can get on board with the trend.

Metallics Madness

Hardly surprising, right? What futuristic clothing trend wouldn’t over indulge in metallics? Although Fall prints trends are typically centered around the magical change in seasons and explosion of Autumnal colors, the futuristic fashion trend is all about glossy fabrics, polished materials, and foil metallics.

All in the details: Sequins

A dazzling reflection of the stary sky, futuristic clothing embraces the galactic inspiration and sequin detailing is spotted on fashion of today.

FUTURISTIC FASHION: How do you get onboard with the latest out of this world fashion trend?

Statement Jackets

Lets not forget that we're heading into a winter wonderland which means it's time to bring out all your favorite coats and jackets. With futuristic clothing in mind, these are the trends to watch out for

  • Puffer jackets will be the most popular style this season.
  • Electric colored parkas – oversized.
  • Transparent plastic jackets 
  • Scientific Trench Coats 

Not all explorers wear capes.

This season we're adding an extra level of drama by exchanging a traditional coat and sleeves for something you can float through life wearing - all part of the deconstructed influences you can see dotted around the trend.

The season’s print: Snake Print

If an extraterrestrial trend was to take inspiration from nature what better animal than the prehistoric? The snake print trend which has creeped into popularity pefectly suits the futuristic clothing and colors of this seasons trend. 


Despite snake prints being popular in AW18, you can't get away from geometric patterns and prints when exploring a futuristic trends. Triangular jewelry, crop circle embroidery and quirky shapes are an easy way to tap into the trend.

Assymetrical dresses

Amongst these quirky dresses watch out for these popular styles

  • Sequin dresses
  • Plunging necklines
  • Cold-shoulder trend - yep, it's back baby.
How to get on board with Futuristic Fashion Trends

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.

The materials to discover for this trend are structured vinyls and plastics. Transparency is key and clear plastic rainmacs are way to maximise showing off your outfit. 

The Art of Extreme layering

It obviously couldn't have emerged at a better time, layering is one of the keys of success to enjoying the cooler seasons. This year, designers have taken layering to the extreme as oversized pieces are paired with deconstructed under-layers. You've all seen the Balenciaga/Joey meme for inspiration whether you carefully color-coordinate every piece or throw on a mish-mash of items, all is fair in love and war. 

FUTURISTIC FASHION: How do you get onboard with the latest out of this world fashion trend?

Futuristic Footwear

Obviously, as we move into cooler months boots become a popular choice of footwear. In particular, metallic shiney pairs and white boots (clinging onto the 80's) are trendy choices. Additionally, sneakers are going to continue to be first pick for many of us, so check out the velro-strap styles, sock sneakers and chunky sneakers - specifically, what is Gucci up to with the Flashtrek sneakers?!

Can you see yourselve embracing the futuristic fashion trend? Or simply embracing elements from the beyond and incorporating them into today? This trend requires creativity and an open mind but is sure to make a statement. Browse the whole collection of our Furustic fashion pieces for some more inspriation.

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