Wait, can you wear white pants in Winter?

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 11/18/19, 3:48 PM

Don’t be fooled, winter may look like the right time of the year to go all goth-chic, but it may just surprise you as the perfect season for a blank fashion canvas. It’s easy to slip on dark velvety pants, warm woolly plaid pants and your darkest jeans - but can you wear white pants in winter? I’m trying my hardest to avoid writing this in capitals because I’m truly convinced everyone should try this at least once; but Yes. My answer is yes and let me tell you why. 

Why White Pants work for Winter 

Reason 1: It’s the Chicest Thing you Can possible do 

In my opinion, there’s nothing more chic and expensive-looking than white or off-white clothing. And the best part is: you can still afford rent after buying a pair of white pants, yay! Wide leg and flared white pants, in particular, are really the height of sophistication. If you’re heading to some kind of fancy event or any other festivity, if you’ve got white pants you’re halfway to the perfect outfit. Pair them with heels for a dressier look or sneakers for a fresh take to office wear. It’s truly hard to wear white pants in winter and not look impeccable, the color itself already says enough about how well-put-together you are to keep them white - I mean, that’s what people think…


can you wear white pants in Winter?

Reason 2: They Are Versatile but not boring 

It may seem a little bit daunting at first to wear white pants in winter, or somehow a big step away from your go-to black, blue or grey pants - but really they are not so different. White pants are just as easy to match with the rest of your wardrobe, in summer as well as winter. They will go with anything from big brights to subdued pastel hues, chunky knits to polished blouses and casual long sleeve T-shirts, heels to sneakers - you get it, literally everything. The only thing I would avoid is super dark colors on top, it takes away all of the pants classiness. 

can you wear white pants in Winter?

Reason 3: They Are the Key to your Monochromatic Look

What’s even chicer than white pants in winter? A full white-wintery look. You may have read my blog on beige-on-beige outfits, if not I’d suggest to head on over and read because you don’t want to miss out on this both unbelievably easy and stylish look. Often the pants are the missing link in this monochromatic look, so by investing in a pair of gorgeous white pants for winter, you’ll be halfway this top-notch look.


can you wear white pants in Winter?

Reason 4: Just because they’re white doesn’t mean they won’t keep you warm 

Somehow we got into our heads that light, soft shades are reserved for summer. Just like florals are only for spring, baggy jeans for boys and slippers for the pool (ok this one may be right) these are nothing more than assumptions we’ve just collectively accepted and one by one discard. Perhaps that’s why they are so elegant to wear in winter especially, as it’s unexpected and shows some (stylish) guts. There are plenty of white pants out there that are crafted with cold weather in mind, look for wool fabrics or opt for white jeans rather than flowy cotton pants.

What White Pants to get for Winter? 

Now that I’ve convinced you, hopefully, you’re ready to do some shopping. As I said, you should be looking for wool pants or white jeans, I’ve had the honor to select a few of the best ones here on Fashiola. All you need to do is find one you love and you’re one step closer to wearing white pants in winter. 




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